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Please take a moment to see what some of our existing clients have to say about us.  We hope to add you to the list.  

"For years, our firm has depended upon the talents of IP Graphics for our patent and trademark drafting requirements.  Whether it is a trademark logo, design patent, flow chart, electrical circuit or a complex machine, we know we can count on IP Graphics to deliver a quality product with cost effective, timely service."
Raymond O. Linker - Intellectual Property Practice Group Leader, Alston & Bird, Charlotte, NC.

"I have worked with IP Graphics for nearly ten year s.  Throughout this time, I have found them to be highly skilled and professional.  Their expertise extends to complex mechanical cases, electrical circuit diagrams, and software flow charts.  Deadlines are promptly met, the work quality is excellent, and costs are quite reasonable."

Chris Regan - Allen, Dyer, Doppelt, Milbrath & Gilchrist, Patent Attorney, Orlando, FL.

"We have employed IP Graphics for our drawings since IP Graphics was formed.  The draftspeople at IP Graphics are quite competent in all areas of patent drafting, and are particularly strong technically, which allows them to create crisp, correct, easily understood drawings the first time.  My practice includes a large number of complex mechanical inventions, each of which can require a significant number of drawings that can be quite complicated.  On numerous occasions, an IP Graphics draftsperson working on a project has been able to spot and correct errors in drawings created by the client that would have rendered the invention inoperable.  Because of this competence and professionalism, I have the confidence to send an IP Graphics representative to a client site without hesitation.  I also believe that the prior experience of the draftspeople (which include a considerable amount of hand drawing) have a positive impact on the CAD drawings they produce; their CAD Drawings tend to be more complete and life like than some others I've seen.  Finally, the cost of the drawings are extremely reasonable.  I strongly encourage other practitioners to try IP Graphics for their drawings"
James R. Cannon - Myers, Bigel, Sibley & Sajovec, Patent Attorney, Cary, NC.


"I have utilized the expertise of IP Graphics on many occasions.  They have met my requests with timeliness and quality.  Several of my requests have dealt with international drafting matters and IP Graphics has the knowledge and skill to meet the requirements of International Patent Offices, saving both time and money.

In a field of constant deadlines and complicated subjects, it is a comfort to know that I can rely on IP Graphics to provide quality and cost-effective results, often within limited time frames."
Christine Simoes - Kilpatrick Stockton, International Patent Paralegal, Charlotte, NC.

"After several years of using the same drafting firm, I had a need to find a new firm.  I interviewed every firm of which I knew.  After the interviewing process, I narrowed my selection down to two firms, IP Graphics and another.  While I was inclined to give my work to another firm, I gave IP Graphics a test case.  However, I was not fair.  I gave them a uniquely difficult case from an inventor who gave a sketchy disclosure.  I gave this lack of full disclosure to IP Graphics with the instructions to 'give it a stab and we'll develop it from there.'  Much to my surprise, the first draft was a bulls eye.  Not a single correction was needed.  It appeared the IP Graphics understood the invention better than the inventor understood it himself.  Adding non-insult to non-injury, the bill was fair and under estimate as provided to the inventor.  Everybody was happy, including yours truly, who had a truly happy and thankful client.

I have been using IP Graphics since the trial run and have found that they can produce incredible drawings from a wide variety of inventor disclosure (yes, they can also do good drawings from a well-prepared inventor who has a thorough disclosure).  I have found that IP Graphics' error rate is quite small which is a substantial asset to any busy IP attorney who has one less thing to worry about.  I only hope that IP Graphics does not find out how good they are, they may raise their rates (please don't share this letter with them)."
Peter Loffler - Patent Attorney, Tallahassee, FL.

"We rely upon IP Graphics' expertise in producing trademark application drawings on behalf of our clients, many of whom have worldwide trademark portfolios.  Each country, including the U.S., has specific requirements for drawing size, perspective, indications of color, paper size and type, etc., and I have confidence that IP Graphics stays current on these regulations.  In those instances where our original drawings are unclear or when we are under strict time restraints, IP Graphics always delivers a superior product in a timely manner.  Knowing that I can rely on the accuracy and professionalism of IP Graphics for trademark drawings makes that part of my job easier.  Thank you IP Graphics!"
Gail Stewart -  Alston & Bird, Trademark Paralegal, Charlotte, NC.

"Our firm has found IP Graphics' work to be accurate and timely, as well as provided in a professional manner.  They are a pleasure to deal with, and are responsive when we need a rapid turn around.  Furthermore, their location in North Carolina has not proven to be a barrier to providing good service to our office in New Jersey."
Brooks R. Bruneau - Patent Attorney, Mathews, Collins, Shepherd and Gould, Princeton, NJ.

"We have used IP Graphics primarily for patent illustrations since about 1999.  The quality of the work and the timeliness of the service is top notch.  When we are in a time crunch and need drawings quickly, they respond fast, and get the job done right on time.  The personnel are easy to work with, prompt and courteous."
John E. Vick Jr. - Patent Attorney, Dority & Manning, Greenville, SC.

"We have used IP Graphics for over a year now and we are impressed with not only the high quality of patent and trademark drawing work but with their professionalism.  Drawings are prepared fast, exactly as requested and at very reasonable cost.  We have particularly found the ability to receive drawings in Acrobat format and communicate with IP Graphics via e-mail to be an invaluable tool to facilitate the drawing preparation process.  Having IP Graphics handle our drafting work really makes our job easier."
David Josephs - Patent Attorney, Barlow, Josephs and Holmes, Ltd., Providence, RI.

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